FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Below we try to answer all frequently asked questions about NordFly.

Is NordFly free of charge?

Yes, the use of NordFly is completely free of charge for our members!

However, in order to cover running costs, we are happy to receive any voluntary donations!

The development and constant expansion have already required thousands of hours of work in the past and also swallowed up an investment of over 4000€.

Which system does NordFly use?

NordFly works with the latest software available on the market.

Currently still in the beta phase, we use phpVMS Version 7 in conjunction with the ACARS software.

We have deliberately opted for this software in order to be able to support a large number of simulators in the future.

Flight recording is carried out via the ACARS program, which is started at the beginning of a flight, the flight plan is submitted and the Pirep is created fully automatically at the end.

All important flight data is automatically recorded by ACARS and later summarized in the Pirep, so manual input is no longer necessary.

Our ACARS program also supports Simbrief and offers Simbrief integration in our OPC, which simplifies handling even further and keeps the effort to a minimum.

The OperationCenter serves the pilots as the word already describes as a center.

Here you will find our predefined flights that can be booked, information on accumulated flying hours for NordFly, ratings, AWARDS, Meta, DownloadCenter and much more.

How does flying for NordFly work? (System)

NordFly uses the most modern phpVMS ACARS software available on the market.

ACARS is an easy to use, simple program, which you will receive after successful registration in our OperationCenter.

In addition and depending on the simulator, you will need the XPlane Plugin, MakeRunway, FSUIPC and WASM Client. Our ACARS download includes step-by-step instructions and video tutorial links.

In contrast to many other virtual airlines, we rely on a user-friendly interface.

This means that starting a flight for NordFly never takes longer than 180 seconds.

Your flight planning is done either through Simbrief itself or through our OperationCenter, which contains a Simbrief integration.

The ACARS is then opened.

After flight planning in the OperationCenter, you can start this conveniently from the OperationCenter via a button, with pre-filled fields or start it independently after planning in the Simbrief Planner, fill in the fields for a new flight, enter your network and start the flight.

Once you have arrived at the destination airport gate, set the parking brake and switched off the engines, open the ACARS again and press “File Flight”.

You will now see an overview of all recorded data, including landing rate and F-Force load

Press “Send Flight” to send the Pirep to NordFly and submit the flight.

That’s it! And that’s how easy it is to fly with NordFly.

Which liveries does NordFly have?

NordFly has a large number of liveries for various aircraft types and software manufacturers.

NordFly has its liveries created almost exclusively by professional painters. This fee-based variant enables us to provide liveries from all common manufacturers in consistent quality.

We also offer high-quality MTL | XCSL | FSLTL in the IVAO and VATSIM networks so that other pilots can see you.

What obligations await you?

The biggest obligation is to adhere to our SOPs, familiarize yourself with them, keep up to date and follow them.

Nothing in life works without rules, so we have introduced Standard Operating Procedures to ensure safe flight operations.

The second biggest obligation is to perform 5 flights in a quarter.

But don’t worry, we all work & have a private life and know that it can happen that there is no time for the hobby. That’s why we offer the option of taking a quarter off and having protection against deletion during this time.

We also have an official summer break during which the regulation is suspended so that we can also enjoy the best time of the year.

What NordFly offers you?

NordFly offers you the opportunity to become part of a unique community.

With us you will meet like-minded people with whom you can fly together, exchange ideas and learn new things.

In addition to the community, we offer you a changing summer and winter flight schedule, a monthly changing Destination of the Month, tours, group flights and unscheduled specials.

How does NordFly communicate?

NordFly communicates mainly via its own Discord server and e-mail.

Discord is a similar program to TeamSpeak, but with much more extensive functions.

You can meet us here almost every day from 6 pm.

What are the requirements?

• You are at least 14 years old
• You are confident in handling at least one aircraft from our fleet.
 (Excluding GA)
• You are proficient in the standard IFR procedures

• You are in possession of current navigation maps.
• You perform 5 flights within a quarter.

• You have a Discord Account
• You do not belong to any other virtual airline.*

* If you belong to another virtual airline, please contact us by mail before your registration. We will then check individually if nothing stands in the way of a career with NordFly .

Note: As a NordFly pilot, you also have the opportunity to fly for our subsidiary FlyHoliday-Airlines at the same time.

This will be made possible after a personal briefing.

If you are interested, please contact someone at HQ.

Do you fly for other virtual airlines?

From a pilot perspective, flying for several virtual airlines is a simple matter. Register, install, start flying…

For the operator of a virtual airline, however, there is much more to it than that.

Setting up a virtual airline and keeping it running requires thousands of hours of work, capital and perseverance.

Systems have to be kept up to date, content has to be created to offer new incentives and much, much more.

In a week, an average of 20 hours of work is required, which we also spend in our free time.

This is invisible to the pilot and happens in the background.

In return for the free use of our services, we want a certain affiliation and identification with the airline and do not want to be used as a stepping stone.

Also out of respect for the work of other airlines, we would like our pilots: in not to belong to any other virtual airline.

Exceptions prove the rule, so there are cases in which we accept a dual VA affiliation after careful consideration.

Registration procedure

Registering with NordFly is a three-step process.

First, you join our Discord server, where you will receive a registration code in the “Welcome” channel.

After successfully entering the code, you fill out the registration form* in the second step.

*Please make sure you fill in all the required fields.

Then submit the form.

From this moment on, it is important that you check your inbox. Please make sure that you also check your spam folder if necessary.

You will receive an e-mail from the e-mail address ([email protected]).

In the third step, we will now check your registration for completeness and activate your access to the OperationCenter.

If we have any questions about your registration, you will receive an e-mail from the e-mail address [email protected].

Please also check your inbox or spam folder.

After registration

After registration and activation, you will receive access to our OperationCenter and the Pilots: inside role in the Discord, which gives you access to other channels.

After your registration, you will also have mentors who will be happy to support you as a newbie at NordFly with technical questions, about the operation and handling of aircraft types, procedures and much more.

Our mentors will also provide you with an introduction to the online networks IVAO & VATSIM.

What are our rules?

NordFly has SOP’s which all pilots have to follow. 

After successful registration you will get access to them.
Here is an overview of all valid regulations, which are not to be confused with our SOP’s.

3.1 After registration and during continuous operation, you will familiarize yourself with the applicable SOP’s in the OPC and observe them.

3.2 During online flying the IVAO & VATSIM Rules & Regulations apply.

3.3 You will use current charts while flying online.

3.4 Each VA pilot performs 5 flights within a quarter.

3.5 Every VA pilot should plan his flight with a virtual flight planning tool (e.g. Simbrief) or our in-house OPC.

3.6 In general, NordFly flights will use phpACARS.

3.7 Manually submitted pireps will be considered if they are traceable on IVAO or VATSIM. If the flight was flown offline, no manual prieps will be validated.

3.8 Instructional flying hours, as well as private flying for the VA “Nordfly” can be counted as flying hours.

3.9 In case of a simulator crash, the flight will be rejected under a flown distance of 60%.

3.10 In case of a manual pirep please indicate in the remarks on which network the flight was made.

3.11 For online flights, a correctly completed flight plan must be submitted to IVAO & VATSIM.

3.12 At the beginning of each flight, you must stand on a “stand” / “gate”.

3.13 Each flight ends at the gate / stand.

3.14 Double billed flights – e.g. for other airlines, will lead to exclusion from the VA.

3.15 Prieps submitted with landing rates above -650 ft/min will be rejected.

3.16 Prieps submitted with G-Force loads in excess of 2.0g will be rejected.

3.17 Any pilot: in used on the online networks of IVAO & VATSIM NordFly MTL | XCSL | FSLTL.

3.18 Flying in other liveries, MTL, XSCL, FSLTL is prohibited at NordFly.

Genug Erfahren und du willst deine Karriere bei NordFly starten?

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