What is NordFly?

NordFly is a virtual airline that enables enthusiastic flight simulator pilots to fly together in a strong community.

Founded in 2020 with headquarters in Hamburg, NordFly has been flying as an official partner VA on the VATSIM network since then.

Since November 2022, the independent vacation airline FlyHoliday has also been operating under NordFly.

Our concept

Our concept can be summarized in one motto:
“Having fun together”.

With this in mind, NordFly does not have a finance-based system, a hub tie-up, route tie-up or even rank-controlled fleet availability.

Free route choice

NordFly allows you as a pilot: in, a free route choice.
You can choose between a free flight or a predefined flight from over 400 flights.
We also offer you a changing summer & winter flight schedule.

Free choice of aircraft

We believe that everyone should fly the aircraft that is best controlled.
That is why we do not have a rank controlled fleet availability.
Thus, it is possible to fly the aircraft that is favored by you.

Offline | VATSIM

NordFly gives you as a pilot the possibility to fly offline or on the network of VATSIM.
With NordFly you have the choice!

You only fly offline so far?

No problem!

Thanks to a strong community as well as virtual flight instructors, we enable a suitable entry into the even more realistic simulation world of the VATSIM network.

NordFly | FlyHoliday

As a pilot, NordFly offers you the opportunity to fly for NordFly Cargo and, after a personal briefing, for our subsidiary FlyHoliday-Airlines.

State of the art software

NordFly offers you as a pilot:in state-of-the-art ACARS software, which is easy and intuitive to use.

HQ Liveries

NordFly offers you high quality liveries for the simulators MSFS & XPlane.
Also in the network VATSIM we offer high quality liveries so that other pilots see you.

Strong community

Thanks to Discord NordFly offers you a strong community.
Here you will find like-minded people, friends and support from A to Z. 

Due to current events | Statement on the discontinuation of the IVAO VA partnership

Dear Flight Simulator Community,

Sometimes, difficult decisions have to be made, and such a decision occurred on June 24, 2024. The NordFly Group and its airlines, hitherto one of the largest active virtual IVAO partner airlines in the German virtual airspace, have immediately terminated their cooperation with the IVAO network and applied for the dissolution of the partnership.

This news may certainly be confusing, but there are good and decisive reasons that have made further cooperation with IVAO unacceptable for us.

For many months, we have been very dissatisfied with the handling and treatment of us as VAs, as well as our pilots, by the leadership. We have never kept this a secret and have addressed this criticism constructively and appropriately to IVAO within our means.

Recently, however, we have had to endure unfounded accusations and provocations from controllers, some of whom are part of the German IVAO Division team.

Despite our efforts to clarify the facts, these issues were ignored or rejected by leading responsible persons in the German Division and were not handled with the necessary care, conscientiousness, and neutrality from our perspective.

This was the last straw for us, forcing us to end the IVAO partnership, as we do not wish to expose ourselves or our pilots to this arbitrary house policy, especially concerning the German Division.

We are not alone in this view, and it has unfortunately been observed for some time that the professionalism and quality of the IVAO network have significantly declined, as evidenced by the declining user numbers over the past few months.

We are deeply affected by this necessary measure, but only a respectful, honest, and appreciative approach can be the basis of any collaboration.

Register now!

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Registration requirements:

• You are at least 14 years old
• You are confident in handling at least one aircraft from our fleet. (
Except GA)
• You are proficient in the standard IFR procedures

• You are in possession of current navigation maps.
• You perform 5 flights within a quarter.

• You have a valid Discord account & have joined our Discord.
• Once your account has been activated, you will carry out an accepted first flight within 7 days.
• You do not belong to any other virtual airline.

* If you belong to another virtual airline, please contact us by mail before your registration. We will then check individually if nothing stands in the way of a career with NordFly.

Team | Job advertisements

Who is behind NordFly?
We introduce ourselves! In a description you will learn more about us.

Want to be more than just a pilot?
Become part of the team! Check out our current job advertisements.

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